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The GASTRO restaurant, located on the ground floor of the TECHNOPOL CENTRE, offers a menu that is made not only for the employees of the companies that reside in this busy centre, but also for the visitors from the neighbourhood of the nearby and remote surroundings.

The GASTRO Restaurant offers an excellent selection of meals, including a daily menu. It has a variety of offers for vegetarians and people intolerant to any of the ingredients. We cook exclusively from fresh ingredients, without the use of semi-finished products.

Payment is possible in cash, by credit card or with the meal vouchers.

GASTRO is open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:30 

The GASTRO Restaurant visitors can park for 1 hour for FREE.

Phone contact: +421 2 682 86 259
Daily menu - Monday 19.08.2019
Menu Meal The price
Soup Carrot Creme with Fried Pea 0,90 €
A Chicken Pieces with Dried Tomatoes and Courgette, Stewed Rice 3,90 €
B Pork Steak with Bacon, Mashed Potatoes, Beetroot Salad 4,00 €
C Fried Hake with Garlic Crust, Potato Puree, Carrot Salad 4,20 €
Daily menu - Tuesday 20.08.2019
Menu Meal The price
Soup Beef Soup with Vermicelli 0,90 €
A Chicken Steak with Chanterelle Sauce, Stewed Rice 4,00 €
B Fried Pork Steak, Potato Puree, Coleslaw Salad 4,20 €
C Strawberry Balls with Fried Crumbs 3,80 €
Daily menu - Wednesday 21.08.2019
Menu Meal The price
Soup Sour Bean Soup 0,90 €
A Chicken Roll Filled with Vegetables and Cheese, Stewed Rice, Mixed Salad 4,00 €
B Serbian Beef Entrecote, Mashed Potatoes, Beetroot Salad 4,70 €
C Oyster Mushroom Paprika Stew, Butter Gnocchi 3,80 €
Daily menu - Thursday 22.08.2019
Menu Meal The price
Soup Chinese Chicken Soup 0,90 €
A Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh in Batter, Stewed Rice, Cucumber Salad 4,20 €
B Pork Sauté with Mushrooms and Maize, ½ Potato Ducats, ½ Stewed Rice 4,30 €
C Potato Sauce, Pork Goulash, 2 pcs Bread 3,70 €
Daily menu - Friday 23.08.2019
Menu Meal The price
Soup Vegetable Soup 0,90 €
A Roasted Chicken Thigh, Stewed Rice, Compote 3,80 €
B Boiled Beef, Horseradish Sauce, Boiled Potatoes 4,20 €
C Vegetable Couscous with Roasted Beetroot, Garnish, Dressing 3,80 €

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Gastro: +421 2 682 86 259